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Title: Crisis Management Modeling of an Economic Object in Conditions Associated with Risks
Authors: Babenko, V.
Babiy, I.
helemskyi, V.
Yevtushenko V., V.
Манушкіна, Тетяна Миколаївна
Manushkina, Tetyana
Качанова, Тетяна Володимирівна
Kachanova, Tatiana
Keywords: Crises management
Optimal management
Economic object
Program management
Reducing the risks
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Babenko V., Babiy I., Khelemskyi V., Yevtushenko V., Manushkina T., Kachanova T. Crisis Management Modeling of an Economic Object in Conditions Associated with Risks. ESTUDIOS DE ECONOMIA APLICADA. Vol. 39, Issue 7. Special IssueSI Article Numbere 5163. DOI10.25115/eea.v39i7.5163
Abstract: The model of management of an economic object in a crisis is developed. Limitations and quality criteria are formed. General scheme of solving the task of minimax program crisis management at an enterprise is detected. The algorithm of the solution of the problem of crisis management of an enterprise taking into account the risks is offered. The main method for solving the problem is the method of detecting the reachable areas. Using this method, we work out the scenario of optimal crisis management in the presence of risks. The proposed algorithm allows to create effective numerous methods for implementing a computer simulation of solution of the problem of risk`s influencing. Simulated tools allow the reducing the risks at information system of crisis management of an enterprise. It opens the perspective of developing computer information systems for support of making effective crisis management decisions in the conditions of uncertainty and lack of information for increasing information security
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