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Title: Economic Security of the Enterprise Within the Conditions of Digital Transformation
Authors: Біліченко, Олександр Степанович
Bilichenko, Alexander
Боднар, Олена Андріївна
Bodnar, Olena
Samoilenko, Yuliiaa
Britchenko, Igor
Levchenko, Iaroslava
Lošonczi, Peter
Keywords: digital economy
digital security of the enterprise
economic security of the enterprise
information security
Economics, Econometrics and Finance: General Economics, Econometrics and Finance
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Samoilenko, Y., Britchenko, I., Levchenko, I., Lošonczi, P., Bilichenko, O., & Bodnar, O. (2022). Economic security of the enterprise within the conditions of digital transformation. Economic Affairs (New Delhi), 67(4), 619-629. doi:10.46852/0424-2513.4.2022.29
Abstract: In the context of the digital economy development, the priority component of the economic security of an enterprise is changing from material to digital, constituting an independent element of enterprise security. The relevance of the present research is driven by the need to solve the issue of modernizing the economic security of the enterprise taking into account the new risks and opportunities of digitalization. The purpose of the academic paper lies in identifying the features of preventing internal and external negative influences (threats) in order to guarantee the effective and stable functioning and dynamic social development of the enterprise in the context of digitalization. The research methods are as follows: general scientific research methods, in particular, logical analysis, theoretical substantiation, methods of induction and deduction, formalization and generalization, statistical observation. Results. It has been proposed to introduce the concept of "digital security of the enterprise" for replacing the concept of "information component of economic security" in order to bring the terminology in line with new economic realities. The implementation of the "black box" model has made it possible to identify the latest risks and threats to the economic security of an enterprise within the conditions of the digitalization that differs from the existing ones. The assessment of enterprises' digital security of the European Union member states has revealed that the digital security level does not depend on the size of the country, however, it is influenced by the institutional environment (in particular, digital development tools in the EU) and the size of enterprises. Also, within the research framework, an assessment of the digital security level of enterprises in the context of digitalization has been proposed. In order to characterize enterprises by the level of digital security, a calculation procedure using the coefficient method has been proposed.
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