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Title: The system of the food security criteria in accordance with the measurements of the SDGs-2030
Authors: Котикова, Олена Іванівна
Kotykova, Olena
Бабич, Микола Миколайович
Babych, Mykola
Ягодзінська, Анна Станіславівна
Yahodzinska, Anna
Keywords: food security
global level
national level
regional level
level of household and individual
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Kotykova O., Babych M., Yahodzinska A. The system of the food security criteria in accordance with the measurements of the SDGs-2030 // Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development. 2020, Vol. 42, No. 3, pp. 399-408. DOI:
Abstract: Effective management of any system is impossible without a clear definition of its elements, hierarchical levels and desired performance indicators. Considering this problem in the context of food security management, the authors set out to create a system of food security criteria at different hierarchical levels. In this work, the basis of theoretical and methodological research is based on two principles: (1) the principle of interdependence of indicators, criteria and content of food security; (2) the principle of compliance of food security criteria with CSD- 2030 measurements and management levels. As a result, a critical analysis of scientists' approaches to the definition of the system of food security criteria is carried out. The expediency of the methodological approach, in which the essence of the concept is formed, based on the defined criteria for achieving food security, is substantiated. The author's vision of essential content of categories is offered: criterion, component and indicator of food security. Determinants of each hierarchical level are established as criteria for achieving food security. The results obtained are of great practical importance in shaping national and regional food security policies (programs) on a sustainable development basis.
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