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Title: Formation of Conceptual Bases for State Financial Security Supply: Strategic and Tactical Actions
Other Titles: Формування концептуальних основ забезпечення фінансової безпеки держави: стратегічні та тактичні дії
Authors: Shevchenko, Yevhenii
Nosan, Nataliia
Zachosova, Nataliia
Шевченко, Є. Г.
Носань, Н. С.
Зачосова, Н. В.
Keywords: security
national security
financial security
financial security criteria
level of financial security
національна безпека
фінансова безпека
критерії фінансової безпеки
рівень фінансової безпеки
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Миколаївський національний аграрний університет
Citation: Shevchenko Y. Formation of Conceptual Bases for State Financial Security Supply: Strategic and Tactical Actions / Y. Shevchenko, N. Nosan, N. Zachosova // Modern Economics. - 2019. - № 15. - С. 224-229. - DOI:
Abstract: The mechanism for ensuring financial security is an important component of managing the longterm development of the national economy. With a low level of financial security it is impossible to maintain a state of financial independence, economic stability and sustainable economic development on a national scale. In the beginning of 2019, the state of Ukraine's national security is characterized by the destructive effect of a number of financial threats to the economic system, among which particularly vulnerable in financial aspect are: the debt dependence on donor states, the corruption of the financial system management mechanism, the growth of the shadow economy, the recession of the banking sector systems, etc. In view of this, scientific research aimed at improving the methodological support for monitoring the financial condition of the national economy is relevant. Purpose. The purpose of the study is to provide scientific substantiation of the essence of financial security of Ukraine, to make an analysis of the impact of internal and external threats on its level as of the beginning of 2019. Results. The article analyzes the essence of the financial security of the country and proposes a list of its components. This vision of the essence of financial security of the state is substantiated. The external and internal threats to the financial security of the state as of the beginning of 2019 are identified. The main elements of the provision of financial security of the state are specified. Priority measures for strengthening the state of financial security of Ukraine in the strategic perspective are noted. Conclusions. The analysis of the problematic aspects of providing financial security in Ukraine shows that in today's economic conditions, the domestic authorities need to critically re-evaluate the government's actions in managing the financial system and implement a series of reforms in the debt, budget, foreign exchange, foreign economic and monetary spheres. The Ukrainian government should stop the mass exodus of capital, reduce and prevent the development of the shadow financial sector, and also eliminate the excessive external debt and the deficit in the state budget. Implementation of the proposed measures in the form of the Strategy for ensuring financial security of the state will strengthen the Ukrainian economy.
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