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Title: Innovative Development of Ukraine: Competitiveness of Enterprise Staff in the Context of Globalization Changes
Authors: Вишневська, Ольга Миколаївна
Vishnevskaya, Olga
Довгаль, Олена Валеріївна
Dovhal', Olena
Zelinska, Halynaa
Andrusiv, Uliana
Protsyshyn, Alina
Sydor, Halyna
Keywords: competitiveness
social component
Engineering: Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality
Agricultural and Biological Sciences: Food Science
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Zelinska, H., Andrusiv, U., Protsyshyn, A., Vyshnevska, O., Dovgal, O., & Sydor, H. (2022). Innovative Development of Ukraine: Competitiveness of Enterprise Staff in the Context of Globalization Changes. Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design, 40, 294-303.
Abstract: The article is devoted to increasing the competitiveness of personnel in Ukrainian enterprises. The importance of solving this problem is primarily due to the growing new challenges in the global economy, which requires companies to find optimal ways to ensure their market advantages. In our opinion, highly educated and trained staff can become a strong advantage for Ukrainian business entities. Increasing the competitiveness of personnel is proposed to be considered in the context of individual factors (motivational, managerial and social). At the same time, the innovative development of Ukrainian enterprises is not possible without new knowledge, skills and abilities of employees, which means special challenges to the education system. So, both globalization challenges facing the Ukrainian economy and changes in the behavior of personnel in these conditions, led to the choice of the topic of this article and its purpose. To achieve this goal, the following methods of analysis had been used: theoretical generalization-for a deeper study of the concept of competitiveness of enterprise personnel and its impact on the national economy; economic analysis and comparison-to assess the personnel of the enterprise and its competitiveness), economic and mathematical analysis-to build a system of equations to calculate predictive values of the level of migration attractiveness of Ukraine with EU countries; statistical analysis (method of grouping, summary indicators)-for the collection, analysis and processing of data on the general state of formation, use and development of enterprise personnel, etc. In order to increase the competitiveness of the personnel of Ukrainian economic entities, it seems appropriate to offer the following steps: to ensure effective employment; growth of wages and incomes; increasing the level of social security and social protection of employees; attracting investment in continuing vocational training in the workplace; encouraging high motivation to work, creative realization of employees; striving to gain competitive advantages in work and continuous educational and professional development. It is determined that the prospects of the national economy will depend on the one hand-on the ability to quickly and effectively adapt to new, modern requirements of today’s globalization processes, on the other-on the professionalism and social stability of staff. It is proved that the solution to the problem of migration of highly professional workers lies in the formation of such a personnel policy, which is aimed at developing the creative abilities of workers, meeting their personal needs and training during working life.
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