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Title: Fire-Resistant Coatings, Obtained by Layer-by-Layer Assembly, in the System of Silicic Acid Gel – Diammonium Hydrogen Phosphate – Urea
Authors: Курепін, Вячеслав Миколайович
Kurepin, Vyacheslav
Skorodumova, Olga
Sharshanov, Andrey
Chebotaryova, Olena
Sotiriadis, Konstantinos
Keywords: cotton-containing textile materials
fire resistance
fire-resistant coatings
layer-by-layer assembly
liquid glass
SiO2 sols
sol-gel method
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Mykolayiv national agrarian university
National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine
Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Citation: Skorodumova, O., Sharshanov, A., Chebotaryova, O., Kurepin, V., & Sotiriadis, K. (2023). Fire-Resistant Coatings, Obtained by Layer-by-Layer Assembly, in the System of Silicic Acid Gel – Diammonium Hydrogen Phosphate – Urea. Key Engineering Materials, 954, 157–165.
Abstract: The paper discusses the influence of flame retardant compositions obtained in the system of silicic acid sol (SiO2 sol) – flame retardants on the fire retardant properties of thin dense cotton fabrics and low density voluminous tapestry fabrics. The need to develop the optimal composition of a fire-retardant composition for a specific fabric, or to unify it for two main groups of fabric: thin and bulky low-density ones, is substantiated. Experimental coatings were obtained by applying SiO2 sol, which was obtained by the reaction between liquid glass and acetic acid, followed by application of flame retardant solutions (diammonium hydrogen phosphate (DAHP) and urea) by spraying or by the bath method. As a result of the optimization, using the central composite uniform rotatable plan of the second order, it was established that the main effect of the flame retardant is exerted by diammonium hydrogen phosphate (DAHP). The content or concentration of urea depends on the concentration of DAHP used: if diluted DAHP solutions (9–10 %) are used, trace amounts of urea (0–0.5 %) must be added. In the case of using a concentrated DAHP solution (18–20 %), the concentration of the urea solution should also be increased to 8–10 %. © 2023 Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Switzerland.
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